How Lymphatic Therapy Can Transform Your Skin (3/1/2020) - What is Lymph? Lymph is the substance produced by the lymphatic system, which is made up of your organs, nodes, ducts, and vessels. Lymph circulates the body absorbs fluid, waste, dead cells, bacteria, fats, and proteins throughout your body and
Celebrating a decade downtown (9/10/2019) - Ten years ago lakeshore skin care operated with just a single registered nurse, and a part time secretary. Today Lakeshore has grown to 11 staff members and has operations in Marquette and Escanaba. Staff continue to grow earning the trust
Lakeshore Skin Care: Healing From the Inside Out. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Restoration & Turning Back the Aging Process. (1/4/2018) - Lakeshore Skin Care has been successfully helping address clients skin care concerns for over 7 years. Lakeshore Skin Care’s staff of talented Registered Nurses and Estheticians regularly attend advanced trainings maintaining the skill set necessary to stay current in the